An Introduction to MUSE

Music has been around for years, decades and centuries. We often listen to it whilst driving, doing homework or just for leisure. Most music that is created is almost always influenced off another figure, whether it is another artist, another song, perhaps a specific genre or even political figures. This website will explore how different artists evolve over time as a result of historical and contemporary influences using MUSE as an example. You can explore this website to analyse each of the 7 current studio albums that Muse have created and see how songs can link all the way back to the Baroque composer J.S. Bach or as current as Rage Against the Machine.

During the 1990’s, the UK was bursting with musical talent. Bands like Oasis, Blur, The Prodigy and many other groups were emerging with records and albums. 1994 is cited as the year that Rocket Baby Dolls and early version of Muse was formed. With singer Matthew Bellamy and drummer Dominic Howard recruiting Chris Wolstenholme (who was playing drums at the time before they requested he picked up the bass), they successfully won their local battle of the bands in Teignmouth, Devon. After this, they realised that they wanted to pursue music as a career, and soon renamed their band title to Muse after a comment by their art teacher (J. Turner 2008). He stated that there was a muse around the town attracted local bands. This was one of the first instances of inspiration for the band, something as simple as their name.